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The SilverCloud Health solution comprises a library of interactive and engaging programmes accessed via a flexible, user-friendly delivery platform. SilverCloud Health offers effective, supportive programmes for a range of mental and behavioural health issues.

Interactive and engaging programmes have been designed in-conjunction with world leading partners from academic and medical institutions. The content is motivational, easy to use, and interactive with relevance to the unique requirements of the service user. Treatment is delivered in an anonymous, safe and secure environment, which can be personalised by the patient.

The platform has been designed with tools and tactics to empower patients to manage their mental and behavioural health with social and supportive elements – providing the human touch that we associate with face-to-face support. All developed with the most up to date technology.

  • Designed by clinicians Clinical insight and experience is at the heart of Silvercloud Health’s programmes
  • Informed by experts Developed with research and content from leaders in their fields
  • Easily accessible A flexible online space, available when and where you need it
  • Made to work Effective solutions based on 10 years of research and testing

SilverCloud Health is committed to delivering clear benefits, not just for the people using their programmes, but to the wide range of organisations they work with.

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