“Cost pressures require that more is done for less and providers therefore must find innovative ways to deliver services.” Annual Report of the Chief Medical Officer, 2013

At present, IAPT has the capacity to meet just 15% of demand for psychological therapy services. And the pressure continues to build. The Mental Health Foundation estimates that by 2030 there will be around 2 million more adults in the UK suffering with mental health problems.

Prism enables services to refer patients for online therapy and to monitor their progress and outcomes directly within the patient record, without creating further administrative work.

The system is developed and managed by Mayden. We have worked with IAPT services since 2008 to provide iaptus, the leading patient management software for psychological therapies. During this time, we have seen first-hand the limited resources and growing demand for IAPT services and recognise a need to provide innovative solutions that increase capacity.

Prism was developed with support from the NHS SBRI Healthcare initiative. We continue to work closely with IAPT and with a variety of online therapy providers to offer a breadth of choice for patients and services.

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