The term “ehealth” covers a wide range of digital interventions used by healthcare services to support or deliver care to patients.

For mental health services, ehealth tools range from platforms to support remote treatment – where a patient and therapist communicate via secure video sessions – to online CBT modules, to online diaries recording and providing insight into a patient’s experience between appointments, and more.

These tools can be used as an alternative to face to face therapy, or to supplement it, based on a patient’s needs and preferences.

Prism partners offer a variety of innovative and dynamic online tools. Take a look at the following pages to discover more about these partners and the types of intervention that might suit your service.

Prism will connect your IAPT service and your iaptus patient management system seamlessly to online therapies through the provider or providers of your choice. Crucially, Prism ensures that all outcomes data and notes flow securely back into the patient record for monitoring and reporting.