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Minddistrict is a secure, flexible and user-friendly online platform that enables IAPT services and other healthcare organisations to provide digitally-enabled therapy to their patients for a range of mental and behavioural health complaints.

Founded in 2008, Minddistrict has become the market leader in ehealth applications in the Netherlands. The product and its online modules are used by therapy providers across Europe to deliver personalised care to more than 250,000 people with the use of technology.

The Minddistrict solution promotes the use of ‘blended care’ – a combination of online and face-to-face therapy. It seamlessly complements traditional forms of therapy, providing healthcare practitioners with a comprehensive view of their patients’ needs.

  • Personalised care Therapists can create individual care pathways and customise existing modules for individual patients
  • Online modulesThe platform has an extensive catalogue of interventions created in close collaboration with clinical experts, including an online depression module assessed by NICE
  • A range of communication tools Convenient and secure video sessions and instant messaging
  • Content management system Healthcare services can create their own bespoke interventions with Minddistrict’s user-friendly CMS
  • Tailored implementation process Structured implementation and staff training, personalised for each service depending on their needs
  • Mobile app Patients can work on their wellbeing any time, any place

Minddistrict believes that the smart use of technology can promote a healthy society and that the use of ehealth contributes to a sustainable change in human behaviour.

Find out more on the Minddistrict website.