“Evidence shows that patients respond best and recover more frequently if they are able to have some choice about the kind of help they receive.”–The Guardian

In recent years, the number of online therapy providers and the types of therapy available have increased significantly. Genuine choice now exists for patients and services.

Prism makes it easy for IAPT providers to offer patients a wide range of treatment types, from one-to-one therapy via video or instant messenger to online applications that guide the patient step-by-step through courses of cCBT.

For a lot of patients, being able to complete some therapy sessions via the internet from the comfort of their own home is of huge value. Online therapy is discreet and can encourage patients who prefer not to discuss their emotional wellbeing in a traditional setting, enabling providers to extend their services to groups of patients that are not currently engaging with IAPT services.

Most online therapies can be undertaken at a time and from a location that is convenient to the patient, so individuals do not need to arrange sessions around other commitments such as childcare, working hours or public transport.

With the additional benefit of the self-referrals feature in iaptus, an individual need not meet even with their GP in order to receive effective and monitored therapy.