CCBT Ltd delivers research-proven, computerised cognitive behavioural therapy for people with anxiety disorders, depression, OCD,  addictions and sleep disorders. The platform includes a suite of programmes for children and their parents, and for healthy living.

Helix, the CCBT Ltd platform, offers clinicians and service providers the ability to select and implement their own treatments. The back-office system is designed specifically for a clinician-guided approach and is tailored to NHS requirements for data collection in the UK. Helix also serves as a back-office monitoring system that can be accessed by staff at various levels.

CCBT Ltd’s proprietary technology platform Jupiter™ is the latest technological upgrade and allows programs like FearFighter™ to run on desktop computers and all mobile devices, including tablets, allowing users the extra flexibility to stay on task. Users have direct access to services such as messaging and calendars to interact with clinicians, and to improve compliance. The back-office system is user friendly and simple to use.

Companion apps for CCBT Ltd’s programs are being developed in the form of separate iPhone and Android apps to help users engage with their core programs for better compliance and better results.

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