Happy 5th Birthday Prism

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In the approach to my five year anniversary with Mayden, I excitedly Googled to see what I should expect as a gift. Five years: wood.

Fortunately there is a lot to celebrate this year, timber-based gifts aside.

I share my anniversary at Mayden with one of our products – Prism – which turns five this year. I’ve been involved with Prism since its SBRI-funded origins and my hard working colleagues and I are immensely proud of its growing success and the positive difference that it makes to clinical workflows across IAPT services.

Prism was developed to help services to adopt online and digital therapy as a treatment option. Previously engaging such options required – at best – laborious copying and pasting, or – at worst – a serious data quality challenge, often with significant administrative support.

Using Prism, IAPT services can now quickly and easily refer patients to online and digital therapy directly from within the patient’s clinical record in iaptus. Onboarding is then supported by the online therapy partner of their choice, with progress notes and outcome data sent securely back to the patient record for monitoring and reporting. Services gain efficiencies, patients have an improved experience, therapists can focus on the patient, rather than admin, and outcomes are maintained – or even improved.

Prism is part of a growing suite of products that we offer with interoperability at their heart. It now supports over 60 IAPT services and more than 70 external provider connections. Around 3,000 referrals and 12,000 contacts flow between iaptus and external providers each month. We believe that makes iaptus one of the most connected EPRs in the country.

The number of external providers connected to Prism continues to grow and we have recently welcomed Big White Wall, Compass, Dr Julian, ICS Digital Therapies, Living Life to The Full and OxCADAT SAIT to the family. More about our Prism partners can be found on our website.

2020 will bring a new IAPT dataset which introduces even more support for internet-enabled therapy and their integration with EPRs such as iaptus – a need that we identified as part of our original Prism discussions and have liaised on with key stakeholders and NHS Digital ever since. We know that this – and the NICE digital therapies pilot – will be welcomed amongst services, therapists and patients alike and we look forward to supporting our client services on the journey.

Happy 5th Birthday Prism!